Tuesday, March 1, 2011

One Glove, Two Glove - No Gloves Left

Despite Mrs. Sunnymead's best efforts to hang on to my gloves, yet another winter is not quite over and my glove drawer once again resembles a singles bar. Red Leather meet Black Wool. Tan Wool meet Long Light Blue. No love connections yet.

Every time I get out of a cab, I now say out loud, "one glove, two glove," accounting for each of them, instead of leaving one on the seat. It has helped, but the kids clearly aren't employing this strategy.

Next year, I've decided that everyone in the household is going to receive three pairs of the SAME gloves...and if we're lucky we'll have a left and a right glove remaining by the end of the season.

To get a jump start, I just bought three pairs of these, on sale for $9.99 at Land's End.

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